Really impressed with this and will use it every season to attack my moss filled lawn. After three months use and work, getting my lawn greener, more weed free and looking splendid. I had a previous aerator with sprung spikes and this one is much, much better.

The push spike aerator with x30 50mm (2″) spikes provide deep & even aeration, giving you a greener, healthier lawn

Assembly is quick & easy & it comes with a full fixings kit


Rolling Aerator | Grass Aerator Roller | Aeration Roller For Lawn

Original price was: €139.Current price is: €109.

(10 customer reviews)


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Using this Aerator will help your lawn to breathe, loosening soil to ensure the roots get adequate nourishment, water and air, thereby encouraging deep root growth resulting in a greener and more lush lawn.
  • Large 300mm (12″) width covers your lawn quickly and easily.
  • Thirty 50mm (2″) spikes provide deep and even aeration.
  • Helps lawn to breathe, encouraging deep root growth and a lush, green lawn.
  • Quick and easy to assemble.
  • A fast and efficient way to keep your lawn aerated
  • Weight 3.2kg | 7lbs
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Original price was: €139.Current price is: €109.

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Grass is a living thing that needs air and water to grow. Regular mowing and other outdoor activities in the garden during the summer months lead to compaction in the surface layer of the lawn.

The 30cm | 12″ rolling lawn aerator provides a fast and efficient way to keep your lawn aerated, helping the lawn to breathe and take in essential nutrients.

It has thirty 50 mm | 2″ spikes which penetrate the soil allowing air, water and nutrients to reach the roots, encouraging deeper root growth and a lush, green lawn.

The aerator is very easy to use and easy to follow assembly instructions are included with the product.



The rolling lawn aerator will have your lawn looking better in no time. Aeration loosens the soil to allow air, water, and nutrients to reach the root system. The best time to aerate your lawn is in the spring, because it opens up the compacted soil brought on by cold winters. This will allow your lawn to grow strong and healthy, giving your lawn that professionally groomed look that you have been wanting. The Rolling Lawn Aerator will last you for years to come with proper care and use.



Simply push and go


The large 300mm (12″) width enables you to cover your lawn quickly and easily, and the thirty 45mm (2″) spikes provide deep and even aeration. Best used as part of your lawn care routine in Spring and Autumn. For best results, use when the ground is soft.
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Frequently Asked Questions About The Push Pull Lawn Roller

What type of handle is this, a stick handle?

The handle is metal single shaft.

Does this fill with water?
No, it does not fill water.
How much does it weigh

It weighs about 3.2kg | 7lbs

Do you push this aerator? Can it be filled with water to increase the downward pressure of the aerating tines?
Yes, you have to push it. It cannot be filled with water, but if you water first, the nails are very sharp and can puncture the ground easily.
What is a Rolling Lawn Aerator, and how can it benefit my lawn?
A Rolling Lawn Aerator is a garden tool equipped with spikes or aerating tines. It benefits your lawn by perforating the soil to improve air circulation, water absorption, and overall grass health.
Can you explain how a Spiked Lawn Roller works to aerate the soil in my lawn?
A Spiked Lawn Roller has spikes or aerating tines that penetrate the soil as you roll it over your lawn. This process creates small holes in the ground, allowing nutrients, water, and air to reach the grassroots more effectively.
Is a Push Spike Aerator suitable for small lawns, or is it better for larger areas?
A Push Spike Aerator is versatile and can be used for lawns of all sizes, making it suitable for both small gardens and larger landscapes.
How frequently should I use a Rolling Lawn Aerator on my lawn for optimal results?
The frequency of using a Rolling Lawn Aerator depends on factors like soil compaction and grass type. In general, aerating once or twice a year, typically during the growing season, is recommended for most lawns.
Can a Spiked Lawn Roller also help level minor unevenness in my lawn while aerating?
Yes, some Spiked Lawn Rollers are designed to both aerate and level minor unevenness in your lawn, providing a smoother and healthier surface.
Are there adjustable depth settings on a Push Spike Aerator to control the depth of aeration?
Yes, many Push Spike Aerators come with adjustable depth settings, allowing you to control how deep the spikes penetrate the soil for customized aeration.
Can a Rolling Lawn Aerator be used in combination with fertilizers or soil conditioners for enhanced lawn care?
Yes, you can use a Rolling Lawn Aerator in combination with fertilizers or soil conditioners to maximize the benefits of aeration and promote healthier grass growth.
Does a Spiked Lawn Roller require any maintenance or cleaning after use?
After using a Spiked Lawn Roller, it’s a good practice to clean it to prevent soil buildup on the spikes. Rinse it thoroughly with water, and allow it to dry before storage.
Can I use a Push Spike Aerator to prepare my lawn for overseeding or reseeding?
Yes, a Push Spike Aerator is an excellent tool for preparing your lawn for overseeding or reseeding, as it creates an ideal environment for new grass seed to establish.
Are Rolling Lawn Aerators easy to maneuver, especially in tight spaces or around obstacles?
Most Rolling Lawn Aerators are designed for ease of maneuverability and can be used in tight spaces or around obstacles with relative ease.
Can a Spiked Lawn Roller be used on dry or wet soil, or is there an ideal soil condition for aeration?
A Spiked Lawn Roller can be used on both dry and slightly moist soil. Aeration is generally more effective when the soil is slightly damp but not waterlogged.
How can I ensure that I cover my entire lawn evenly when using a Push Spike Aerator?
To ensure even coverage, use a systematic pattern while pushing the Spike Aerator, overlapping each pass slightly to cover your entire lawn.
Can a Rolling Lawn Aerator help reduce thatch buildup in my lawn?
Yes, regular aeration with a Rolling Lawn Aerator can help reduce thatch buildup by promoting better decomposition of organic matter in the soil.
Can I use a Spiked Lawn Roller to improve the health of my lawn without using chemicals?
Yes, a Spiked Lawn Roller is a chemical-free way to enhance your lawn’s health by improving soil aeration and nutrient absorption.
Can a Push Spike Aerator be used on uneven terrain, or is it best suited for flat lawns?
A Push Spike Aerator can be used on uneven terrain, and many models are designed to handle sloped or irregular landscapes.
What are the key benefits of using a Rolling Lawn Aerator for my lawn?
The key benefits of using a Rolling Lawn Aerator include improved air circulation in the soil, enhanced water absorption, reduced soil compaction, and healthier grass growth.
Are there eco-friendly options available for Spiked Lawn Rollers?
Yes, some Spiked Lawn Rollers are designed with eco-friendly features to reduce environmental impact while maintaining effective lawn aeration.
Can I use a Push Spike Aerator for other gardening tasks, such as aerating potted plants or garden beds?
While primarily designed for lawn aeration, a Push Spike Aerator can also be used for aerating smaller garden beds and potted plants.
How long does it typically take to aerate an average-sized lawn using a Rolling Lawn Aerator?
The time it takes to aerate a lawn depends on the lawn’s size and the aeration tool’s width. On average, it may take a few hours to aerate an average-sized lawn.
Can a Spiked Lawn Roller be used to aerate compacted soil in high-traffic areas of my lawn?
Yes, a Spiked Lawn Roller can effectively aerate compacted soil in high-traffic areas, helping to revitalize those portions of your lawn.
Rolling Lawn Aerator: Elevate Your Lawn's Health with a Spiked Lawn Roller

A lush and vibrant lawn can be the pride of any homeowner. To achieve that level of lawn perfection, a Rolling Lawn Aerator, also known as a Spiked Lawn Roller or Push Spike Aerator, can be your secret weapon. In this blog post, we’ll explore the world of Rolling Lawn Aerators, understand their benefits, and discover how they can help you achieve the lawn of your dreams.

1. The Role of a Spiked Lawn Roller:

A Rolling Lawn Aerator is a simple yet effective garden tool designed to perforate your lawn’s surface with evenly spaced holes. These holes serve multiple essential functions for your lawn’s health and vitality.

2. Benefits of Using a Push Spike Aerator:

a. Enhanced Soil Aeration: The primary purpose of a Rolling Lawn Aerator is to improve soil aeration. By creating holes in the compacted soil, it allows essential nutrients, water, and air to penetrate deeper, reaching the roots of your grass.

b. Reduced Soil Compaction: Over time, soil can become compacted, making it difficult for grass roots to access vital resources. Rolling Lawn Aerators alleviate this issue by loosening the soil.

c. Improved Grass Growth: With better access to nutrients and water, your grass will experience more robust and healthier growth, resulting in a greener and lusher lawn.

d. Thatch Reduction: Thatch, a layer of dead grass and organic matter, can accumulate on your lawn’s surface and hinder its growth. Rolling Lawn Aerators help break down thatch, allowing it to decompose more efficiently.

e. Enhanced Lawn Resilience: A well-aerated lawn is more resilient to adverse conditions, such as drought or heavy rainfall. It promotes a strong root system that can withstand various challenges.

3. Types of Lawn Aerator Roller:

There are two main types of Rolling Lawn Aerators:

a. Spike Aerators: These feature solid spikes that puncture the soil as you roll the device over your lawn. They are effective for small to medium-sized lawns.

b. Plug Aerators: Plug Aerators, also known as core aerators, remove small plugs of soil from your lawn, creating holes for better aeration. They are suitable for larger lawns with more significant compaction issues.

4. How to Use a Spikey Lawn Roller Aerating Tool:

Using a Rolling Lawn Aerator is relatively straightforward:

a. Timing: Aerate your lawn during its growing season, typically spring or fall. Ensure that the soil is moist, but not overly wet.

b. Preparation: Mow your lawn to a shorter height before aerating, and mark any obstacles like sprinkler heads to avoid damaging them.

c. Aeration: Push the Rolling Lawn Aerator across your lawn in a back-and-forth pattern, ensuring even coverage. Overlap each pass slightly to cover the entire area.

d. Finishing: After aeration, you can leave the soil plugs on your lawn to break down naturally or remove them if you prefer a tidier appearance.

5. Conclusion: Elevate Your Lawn’s Health

Investing in a Rolling Lawn Aerator, whether it’s a Spiked Lawn Roller or a Push Spike Aerator, is an investment in the health and beauty of your lawn. By enhancing soil aeration, reducing compaction, and promoting healthier grass growth, you’re on your way to achieving the lush and vibrant lawn you’ve always desired. So, roll away with your Rolling Lawn Aerator and watch your lawn thrive like never before.

10 reviews for Rolling Aerator | Grass Aerator Roller | Aeration Roller For Lawn

  1. ALAN

    This rolling aerator did exactly what I needed it to do so I could plant grass seeds.

  2. Una

    Good push aerator with sharp spike, deep tines that go far into the soil. Easy to use if you push the crossbar into your midriff and apply pressure down on the handle as you push it along. I’m using it a lot.

  3. Ossie

    It work great on a soft ground with a little push and the area is soft….good lawn spike aerator

  4. Dee

    Very easy to uses. Did exactly what I wanted it for to aerate my lawn. Easy storage too. Very happy with this rolling lawn spike aerator.

  5. Irina

    A lot more sturdier than I thought it would be, quite a good work out just pushing it around the garden!

  6. Marcella

    Glad i found this great tool it save buying a bunch of 6inch nails and lump of board to tie to my boots. Its robust and sturdy and quality for the money

  7. Timothy

    Prior to investing in this rolling lawn aerator I would aerate my lawn with a garden fork. This was hard work and quiet tedious chore. This makes this job a joy, so much easier, light weight and just perfect for what I need.

  8. Kelly

    Brilliant product easy to assemble and easy to use on the lawn

  9. peter

    Nice reasonable sized machine. Spikes give a deep and even aeration. easy to use, does the job

  10. Shane

    Works a treat, nice solid design and extremely easy to use. Surprising how quick you get around the lawn. Solid unit which can be nicely detached from the handle for tidy storage too.

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